Neehee's Indian Street Food Restaurant in Canton

If your family has adventurous eaters then make a plan to go to Neehee’s Restaurant in Canton.

This restaurant specializing in Indian Street Food recently re-opened from an extensive remodeling project, which provided a welcome doubling of the seating.

We went on a recent weekday for lunch and were impressed by the new design-open, bright, and in a great feature-seating for large groups.

We have often noticed that large families or multiple families and co-workers go to Neehee’s and often had to push multiple tables together or just sit in the general vicinity of each other-not anymore. There are now tables that comfortably sit eight or more people. This vibe just adds to the fun at Neehees

While I usually deplore the large screen televisions ubiquitous at casual dining establishments- it actually adds to the experience as they often highlight cricket matches and the Indian version of cable news. Much to my embarrassment, I know very little about the domestic politics of India, but glancing at the news at Neehees, I am led to believe it is not too dissimilar from our own.

Did I mention the food is great?

I do admit to menu paralysis when I go to Neehee’s as there are so many options that I am totally unfamiliar with, so we tend to stand around for five minutes reading the menu and asking questions. The staff is always patient and helpful, even when they are busy.

It is great that it is all vegetarian and features many vegan and dairy free options as well.

Some of our favorites are Papdi Chaat and the Dosa Sandwich wraps. While the Sandwich Wraps are a bit pricey at $12.99, we find that splitting them between 2 people is quite satisfying. The Papdi Chaat is a northern Indian staple that features small bits of deep fried crackers, chickpeas, potatoes in a wonderful chutney and yogurt sauce. Even the mild is spicy to our taste, but not excessively so.

There is a Neehee’s location, but we have only been to the Canton location.

For flavorful, fun food in an appealing setting, check out Neehee’s Indian Street food.

Go! Sy Thai-Detroit : Family Friendly Thai Food

Go Sy Thai-Detroit is one of the best Thai restaurants in Metro Detroit. With two locations in Detroit, Go Sy Thai is a convenient restaurant for many of your downtown Detroit family activities.

Our go to place when spending time at the Detroit Institute of Arts, the shops in Midtown, and other activities around the Wayne State campus is the Go Sy Thai midtown location at 4240 Cass.

Go SY THAI MIDTOWN DETROIT at 4240 Cass Avenue

Go SY THAI MIDTOWN DETROIT at 4240 Cass Avenue


The food is amazing and reasonably priced, but the decor and service are just "okay." The interior is very much like any modern small cafe-cramped seating, with the counter morphing into the seating area. It is redeemed by being mostly windows which allow for natural light to flow in. And the cool Thai movie posters on the back wall.  The service is okay- seemingly mostly Wayne State and College for Creative Studies students, neither particularly friendly, nor surly-just perfunctory.

But the food at Sy Thai is wonderful- neither too saucy or sticky, each dish we have eaten there has been enjoyable. The mild is perfect for our taste buds-a bit of zip, but never overpowering. We usually split several dishes and add an a la carte item such as a Veggie Roll or Tom Yum soup and are always satisfied-this cuts down on the calories and the cost!

Be sure to try to time your stop at Sy Thai Detroit to avoid the lunch rush. We don't mind eating at 11 am or having a granola bar in the morning or stopping there after 1pm for lunch. The times we have been stuck in the lunch rush, we have waited over 20 minutes for our meal, which is a bit much when you are crammed next to other diners. 

Still, Go SY THAI Detroit in midtown continues to be a satisfying lunch destination when our family is in midtown. Hope you enjoy too!

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Cannoli Pastry- Dearborn

Welcome Cannoli Pastry!

Cannoli Pastry, European Desserts in Dearborn Michigan

Cannoli Pastry, European Desserts in Dearborn Michigan


Cannoli Pastry on Monroe Street in Dearborn is a welcome addition to the foodie scene in metro- Detroit.

Featuring cannoli's, of course, and a variety of European style pastries, croissants, baklava, and a wonderful treat called the Lobster Claw, a crime filled delight, the cafe, Cannoli Pastry offers delicious desserts in a warm, welcoming setting. 

A cannoli, of course, is that classic Italian dessert staple-  crispy pastry dough, usually shaped into a tube, filled with cream which is  formed, at least in part, with a touch of ricotta cheese. The effect is a light, delicately sweet dessert which satisfies but does not overpower. 

Cannoli Pastry in Dearborn, Delicious European Cafe on Monroe Street

Cannoli Pastry in Dearborn, Delicious European Cafe on Monroe Street

The inside of the historic brick building has been remodeled with a dark wood floor, bright counter space, and earth tones that evoke the feeling of a cozy Parisian cafe.  I hope that in the future they consider adding a wider variety of coffee drinks, including a pour-over option, which would complement the luxurious feeling of lingering and savoring  the delicious desserts.

There a few tables by the window to sit and chat with a friend or beloved family member while enjoying the simple sweetness of life and nibbling on a cannoli, watching the world pass by, embracing the European sensibility of savoring. Celebrating the culture of pleasant conversation is as much an art form as literature, music or painting. Doing so in a pleasant cafe eating one of Cannoli Pastry's delicious desserts is to celebrate the many sweet moments of life. 

 What a gift to share with our family!

Enjoy and Travel Local!

Family Questions for Discussion

  1. How do you make a cannoli?
  2. Where did the cannoli originate?
  3. What is your favorite treat at Cannoli Pastry?
  4. What is the history of the building that it is located in?
  5. Why is savoring such an important part of European culture?
  6. How does the tongue distinguish types of flavors?

I would definitely love to hear some classic Django Reinhardt playing in the background to add to the European cafe sensibility. 

It reminds me so much of the wonderful desserts in the classic movie Chocolat, that I almost imagine hearing the wonderful song, "Minor Swing," from the soundtrack, available on iTunes®- 

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After spending time enjoying your treat at Cannoli Pastry, you might want to go for a walk around Dearborn's historic park at Ford Field. 

Lunch at Panera Cares-Dearborn

We always try to find places that allow healthy eating options while we travel and Panera often is our go-to place. The sandwiches as you know are fresh tasting, their soups hot and satisfying and their salads interesting. 

Their prices have definitely seemed to increase recently and we rarely go there for a full meal. Often we will split a you pick two, or just have the soup and bread which usually will tide us over until a late afternoon protein bar and fruit break. 

The interiors are usually quite bright and comfortable and I find the coffee to be quite satisfying and the 99 cent cookie upgrade with a meal is a delicious treat. 

For those travelers near Dearborn for whom The Henry Ford is the prime destination have two Panera options to choose from. One is the Panera located at 3112 Fairlane Drive, near shops and many of the hotels off the I-94 expressway. 

The other one is Panera Cares Community Cafe, a non-profit Panera located right in downtown West Dearborn at 22208 Michigan Avenue. This is one of only three Panera Cares Community Cafe's located in the entire US, so you might not be familiar with the concept. Essentially, it is a pay-as-you-can location run by the Panera Foundation. Patrons are encouraged to pay full price or a bit over if they are able, so that customers who may be experiencing economic difficulties can have a discounted meal. Customers who are absolutely not able to pay are requested to volunteer at the restaurant in exchange for the meal. 

Bread for sandwiches and to accompany soup are baked fresh right there at the restaurant.  Bread and bakery items sold on their own are day old from other Panera restaurants, and are priced a bit cheaper than at a traditional Panera, but we have never experienced any significant dips in quality. It is a great place to grab a bag of rolls or bread for a picnic or for the car ride home.

I really enjoy the economic diversity at the restaurant and it is great to see professionals discussing sales projections, college students studying, families have a snack, and individuals who might not ordinarily have a cup of hot soup or fresh salad served in a pleasant, well-lit restaurant sharing the same dining experience. 

The first time I paid it was a bit confusing as you give your order to the clerk, they tell you the suggested donation, then pay right into a small glass receptacle by the cash register. They will give you cash back if you have a larger bill and you can use a credit card, but I don't believe you can get cash back from a gift card. 

It is truly a one-of a kind restaurant in Michigan and the mission to provide high quality food to individuals experiencing food insecurity is one I appreciate. I hope everyone living or travelling in metro- Detroit can stop by this Panera Cares Cafe and leaves a little bit extra to help those in need. 

Traveling can become a bit insulated at times, when the smallest inconvenience can be frustrating. Panera Cares can help one be a bit more grounded and is a reminder at what a luxury travel is and how it is to be savored with gratitude. 

For a passionate video of  Panera founder Ron Shaich at Tedx St. Louis explaining the mission of Panera Cares Cafes

Lunch at Leo's Coney Island Restaurant

Eating out on a budget with the family on vacation is always a bit of a challenge for us. We have a few dietary considerations that add an additional twist.  Plus, anytime we have a chance to step away from tourists and experience life like the people who live in the area, we find it adds some depth to our travel experience. 

I think Metro Detroit has a wide variety of great family and budget friendly restaurants to choose from-places where a wide variety of people dine. 

One of our favorites is Leo's Coney Island, a chain of 50 plus restaurants located throughout Southeastern Michigan, extending from downriver (South of Detroit) up North to Grand Blanc and even Birch Run, there is sure to be one near where you are staying. 

The food is commendable and service generally swift. The ones we have dined at have been clean and well-lit, usually with lots of windows to let in natural light. 

The signature dish at a coney, and Leo's is no exception, is the coney dog-a  hot dog covered in chili. I know many people spend hours debating who has the best chili dog in town, I will simply say my father, who has lived in Metro Detroit his entire life and eaten at nearly every coney around, never says "no" to a coney at Leo's. 

For our family, what is desirable about Leo's is the variety. Our son enjoys getting an omelette, served any time of day, while our daughter really enjoys the Veggie Pita sandwich as does Jenny. For me, my favorites are the small Greek Salad with the delicious dressing on the side, or oatmeal with rye toast. 

Their menu is of course far more diverse, including a wonderful Michigan Salad-a spring mix, with mandarin oranges, walnuts, cucumbers and of course dried cherries as well as a variety of burgers, gyros and other Greek inspired dishes.

Their soft drinks are very large and the coffee has always been decent-for me not go out of my way to get, but robust enough, and hot. 

We enjoyed going there when the kids were younger, because the place tends to be a bit loud and our rambunctious toddlers were not out of place. If you are looking for a place to have a quiet meal alone or engage in quiet conversation, be sure to go off peak hours or you might be disappointed. 

If you are seeking a one of a kind, quirky dining experience you probably would not find Leo's to meet your expectations. If you are looking for a decent meal at a fair price and a menu of choices that will satisfy your entire family, and a down to earth dining experience with regular folks, then you will be delighted at a Leo's.