Cannoli Pastry- Dearborn

Welcome Cannoli Pastry!

Cannoli Pastry, European Desserts in Dearborn Michigan

Cannoli Pastry, European Desserts in Dearborn Michigan


Cannoli Pastry on Monroe Street in Dearborn is a welcome addition to the foodie scene in metro- Detroit.

Featuring cannoli's, of course, and a variety of European style pastries, croissants, baklava, and a wonderful treat called the Lobster Claw, a crime filled delight, the cafe, Cannoli Pastry offers delicious desserts in a warm, welcoming setting. 

A cannoli, of course, is that classic Italian dessert staple-  crispy pastry dough, usually shaped into a tube, filled with cream which is  formed, at least in part, with a touch of ricotta cheese. The effect is a light, delicately sweet dessert which satisfies but does not overpower. 

Cannoli Pastry in Dearborn, Delicious European Cafe on Monroe Street

Cannoli Pastry in Dearborn, Delicious European Cafe on Monroe Street

The inside of the historic brick building has been remodeled with a dark wood floor, bright counter space, and earth tones that evoke the feeling of a cozy Parisian cafe.  I hope that in the future they consider adding a wider variety of coffee drinks, including a pour-over option, which would complement the luxurious feeling of lingering and savoring  the delicious desserts.

There a few tables by the window to sit and chat with a friend or beloved family member while enjoying the simple sweetness of life and nibbling on a cannoli, watching the world pass by, embracing the European sensibility of savoring. Celebrating the culture of pleasant conversation is as much an art form as literature, music or painting. Doing so in a pleasant cafe eating one of Cannoli Pastry's delicious desserts is to celebrate the many sweet moments of life. 

 What a gift to share with our family!

Enjoy and Travel Local!

Family Questions for Discussion

  1. How do you make a cannoli?
  2. Where did the cannoli originate?
  3. What is your favorite treat at Cannoli Pastry?
  4. What is the history of the building that it is located in?
  5. Why is savoring such an important part of European culture?
  6. How does the tongue distinguish types of flavors?

I would definitely love to hear some classic Django Reinhardt playing in the background to add to the European cafe sensibility. 

It reminds me so much of the wonderful desserts in the classic movie Chocolat, that I almost imagine hearing the wonderful song, "Minor Swing," from the soundtrack, available on iTunes®- 

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After spending time enjoying your treat at Cannoli Pastry, you might want to go for a walk around Dearborn's historic park at Ford Field.