The Victorian Cafe-Hale

THe Victorian Cafe in Hale, Michigan

THe Victorian Cafe in Hale, Michigan

The Victorian Cafe in Hale is a charming destination for travelers and residents alike. 

Located in Iosco County, about 20 miles inland from Lake Huron, Hale is situated in the center of dozens of lakes and a multitude of trails. 

Featuring a variety of coffee drinks, from a good hearty cup of their gourmet roast to start the morning off right, to a Pumpkin Pie Cappuccino, for a rewarding after lunch treat, the Victorian Cafe in Hale will not disappoint. 

Of course, one cannot live on coffee alone, so you will want to pair your caffeinated beverage with one of their breakfast sandwiches such as egg and cheese on a muffin, or panini. 

Perhaps you will linger later in the day, spending time catching up on email or hopefully reading a wonderful novel, playing a game with your kids, or chatting with new friends-asking where the fish are biting, or about a great new trail. If so, you will want to enjoy one of their delicious smoothies- the strawberry banana is amazing as is the 4 berry. The Caramel Apple Smoothie is very sweet, too much for me, but our kids enjoy it.  Try a few and I am sure you will find a favorite!

No up north cafe would be complete without serving ice cream. One of their most popular ice cream treats is the cleverly named-Hale Storm™. 

Our family has been stopping there on our trips to the Huron-National Forest for several years and we have never been disappointed by the friendly staff, clean, bright cafe environment, or the wonderful beverages we have enjoyed at The Victorian Cafe in Hale. 


Family Questions for Discussion

1. What exactly is a panini? What is its history?

2. How do you make a smoothie? Have you made them at home? Does your family have a favorite recipe?

3. How is a Hale Storm™ made?

4. When did The Victorian Cafe begin? 

5. What are some of your favorite hikes in the Hale area?

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