Neehee's Indian Street Food Restaurant in Canton

If your family has adventurous eaters then make a plan to go to Neehee’s Restaurant in Canton.

This restaurant specializing in Indian Street Food recently re-opened from an extensive remodeling project, which provided a welcome doubling of the seating.

We went on a recent weekday for lunch and were impressed by the new design-open, bright, and in a great feature-seating for large groups.

We have often noticed that large families or multiple families and co-workers go to Neehee’s and often had to push multiple tables together or just sit in the general vicinity of each other-not anymore. There are now tables that comfortably sit eight or more people. This vibe just adds to the fun at Neehees

While I usually deplore the large screen televisions ubiquitous at casual dining establishments- it actually adds to the experience as they often highlight cricket matches and the Indian version of cable news. Much to my embarrassment, I know very little about the domestic politics of India, but glancing at the news at Neehees, I am led to believe it is not too dissimilar from our own.

Did I mention the food is great?

I do admit to menu paralysis when I go to Neehee’s as there are so many options that I am totally unfamiliar with, so we tend to stand around for five minutes reading the menu and asking questions. The staff is always patient and helpful, even when they are busy.

It is great that it is all vegetarian and features many vegan and dairy free options as well.

Some of our favorites are Papdi Chaat and the Dosa Sandwich wraps. While the Sandwich Wraps are a bit pricey at $12.99, we find that splitting them between 2 people is quite satisfying. The Papdi Chaat is a northern Indian staple that features small bits of deep fried crackers, chickpeas, potatoes in a wonderful chutney and yogurt sauce. Even the mild is spicy to our taste, but not excessively so.

There is a Neehee’s location, but we have only been to the Canton location.

For flavorful, fun food in an appealing setting, check out Neehee’s Indian Street food.