Go! Sy Thai-Detroit : Family Friendly Thai Food

Go Sy Thai-Detroit is one of the best Thai restaurants in Metro Detroit. With two locations in Detroit, Go Sy Thai is a convenient restaurant for many of your downtown Detroit family activities.

Our go to place when spending time at the Detroit Institute of Arts, the shops in Midtown, and other activities around the Wayne State campus is the Go Sy Thai midtown location at 4240 Cass.

Go SY THAI MIDTOWN DETROIT at 4240 Cass Avenue

Go SY THAI MIDTOWN DETROIT at 4240 Cass Avenue


The food is amazing and reasonably priced, but the decor and service are just "okay." The interior is very much like any modern small cafe-cramped seating, with the counter morphing into the seating area. It is redeemed by being mostly windows which allow for natural light to flow in. And the cool Thai movie posters on the back wall.  The service is okay- seemingly mostly Wayne State and College for Creative Studies students, neither particularly friendly, nor surly-just perfunctory.

But the food at Sy Thai is wonderful- neither too saucy or sticky, each dish we have eaten there has been enjoyable. The mild is perfect for our taste buds-a bit of zip, but never overpowering. We usually split several dishes and add an a la carte item such as a Veggie Roll or Tom Yum soup and are always satisfied-this cuts down on the calories and the cost!

Be sure to try to time your stop at Sy Thai Detroit to avoid the lunch rush. We don't mind eating at 11 am or having a granola bar in the morning or stopping there after 1pm for lunch. The times we have been stuck in the lunch rush, we have waited over 20 minutes for our meal, which is a bit much when you are crammed next to other diners. 

Still, Go SY THAI Detroit in midtown continues to be a satisfying lunch destination when our family is in midtown. Hope you enjoy too!

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Michigan Labor Day Weekend 2016

As the summer travel season winds down and  families prepare for the return to school and the hectic pace of studying, carpooling, lessons, tutoring, community service, playdates and the other fun, but busy commitments we are all engaged in, this weekend has been one last weekend to slow down and savor. 

Because of the impending busyness we decided to stay home this Labor Day weekend and not travel. I am glad we did, because we had a wonderfully pleasant weekend and the weather featured some of the most agreeable days of the last three months. 

We had a wonderful late summer evening stroll at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This 200+ acre nature preserve on Farmington Road between Ten and  Eleven Mile is a gem in the near northwest suburbs of Detroit. We strolled along a few of the over 4 mile, well-marked trails. The sun was low in the sky, dripping sunlight through the maple and beech trees, casting a moody glow reminding us that the bright long days of summer are waning. We saw at least 5 deer, perhaps more-we weren't sure if we counted the same couple of deers twice, including one young buck!

We also had a great walk with our dog Bailey in Livonia's Rotary Park off of Six Mile Road near Merriman. He loves the smells of the woodland creatures and meeting new friends along the two miles of trails! A big thank you to Livonia and Farmington Hills for maintaining the parks at such a high quality and generously welcoming even non-residents to share in these family-friendly treasures. 

Bailey Strolling through the Park!


On Friday we went to the Arts, Beats and Eats event in downtown Royal Oak, Michigan for the first time! I know, we may have been the last people in metro-Detroit area who had never been to the event, but we are usually away Labor Day weekend, so that is my excuse. I am glad we went in the afternoon, because the main food areas were already quite crowded. We managed to find parking in a city lot near Eleven Mile and it was 15 bucks. Knowing that it went to a good cause- the police and firefighters and other city services of Royal Oak, I didn't mind paying the money. In general, I would have felt the fee a bit high. We had a great sampling of food from sweet potato pie to thai noodles, a slice of pizza, corn on the cob with herbs, two veggie spring rolls and an apple empanada all for $20 worth of tickets. Apparently, some folks don't like the ticket system,  but in my opinion it is the fastest way to keep the lines short. I think if you go with the attitude that the tickets are for the whole fun people watching experience with great free live music as part of the cost and not necessarily considering the value of the "meal" alone you won't really be disappointed.  

On Saturday we saw the wonderful photography exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts- The Open Road:Photography and the American Road Trip.  There is only a week left, so if you have the time to get down to see it, I would highly recommend it. Exposing your older children to the work of Robert Frank who so powerfully captures an honest, unsentimental-yet poignant aspect of the American character is worth it, especially if you reside in the tri-county area and are able to get in free!

We were even able to sneak in a wonderful family dinner party- delicious hummus pizza, fruit salad, birthday cake and cookies, ice tea sipped in the shade- talking about garage sales, Tiger games, trips "Up North" and plans for the Autumn.  The simple things are often the best aren't they?

There are so many wonderful things left to see and do these last hours of this holiday weekend, but for sure being grateful for the luxury to spend time with family, friends (and mowing the lawn) will be high on my list!

Be safe on the roads- there are plenty of travel adventures ahead!

Family Questions for Discussion

1. What is your family tradition for Labor Day Weekend?

2. What is the history of Labor Day?

3. What have been some of your favorite festivals of the summer?

4. What is on your Labor Day Weekend "bucket list." The bridge walk? 

5. What is the perfect Labor Day picnic meal?