April 15th. Ugh, it seems so far away. Yet,  each year we look up on this event with great excitement and anticipation. Though I don't like to wish my days away, if this one day would just come a bit more quickly....

No, I am not talking about tax day. Those history fans in southeastern Michigan know the date circled on our families calendar refers to the opening of Greenfield Village! 

So, what can a budget conscious family do this Spring Break if you are looking for something quiet to do?

One thing we usually are looking forward to doing:

Going to the Environmental Interpretive Center (EIC) at University of Michigan-Dearborn. This nature study area has several short hiking trails through a nature area formerly part of the Henry Ford Estate.  The EIC has a few displays about the local wildlife and the Rouge River Watershed. The brief videos are also informative and interesting. It is free. It is suitable for all youth with supervision. You can see the entire EIC  in less than thirty minutes with an average time span. The displays are very simple and non-flashy, but educational. The staff and students are informative, but you usually have to ask questions. You might want to ask about maple syrup production or the bird migration project.

 The EIC has limited hours, so be sure to check before going to the center itself. 

Treat yourself and sit for a while in the bird observation room. Start by counting the number of birds, then the different species of birds, and then before you know it you will just be marvelling at how relaxed and quiet it is! 

The trails are open from dawn to dusk and there are several loops of no more than a mile in length.