Biking at Maybury State Park

If you are fortunate to have your bikes with you on your vacation, your family might enjoy heading over to Maybury State Park located in the western suburb of Northville. This former TB sanitorium is now a recreation wonderland with over 900 acres of play areas, trails, paths and woodlands. 

A recent Saturday morning we were up and out the door early for a ride at Maybury. There are two options for bikers-the Mountain Bike Trail and the paved bike path. 

The mountain bike trail is intermediate, according to the Mountain Bike Trail Project

For us, it it a bit on the challenging side and we were looking for something a bit more leisurely. There are only about 4 miles of paved trail, but you can loop back through either the entire path or smaller spurs to add length to the ride. Early in the morning it is usually not terribly crowded and this morning was no exception, even the though the weather was fantastic- low 80's and sunny, although a bit humid. 

There is one long hill on the Beck Road side that may require a bit of walking, depending on your fitness level. No problem, it will probably only be the last 50-75 meters that require disembarking and before you know it you'll be saddled up and ready to finish the ride. 

It is pleasant because there are several places along the way to stop for a rest break, maybe to sit in the shade and eat an apple. 

Families with young children might like to ride from the Eight Mile Parking lot down the path to the left of the comfort station and within 1 mile there is a nice little playground. 

If you are looking for a great way to stretch your legs and burn off some of the delicious dessert from the night before, check it out!