Scenes from Civil War Remembrance at Greenfield Village 2016

We were able to spend a few hours on Saturday evening at the Civil War Remembrance at Greenfield Village this year. The weather was quite warm for this time of year and very humid. The women in their heavy dresses and the men in their long wool pants, shirts and coats perspiring and red cheeked, but not complaining. 

Many were sitting around small fires, cooking their evening meals-mostly stews or boiled potatoes. 

Evening Scenes from Greenfield Village Civil War Remembrance

The Dodworth Saxhorn Band performed on the village green in front of the Town Hall. The band was in fine form, performing music from the Civil War era and the evening sun and the Greenfield Village Town Hall, bedecked in patriotic bunting provided a stunning backdrop for the band. 


Greenfield Village Town Hall

Greenfield Village Town Hall

We treated ourselves to vanilla frozen custard and bottled water. The small sized custards are decent sized so we choose to split two of them for four of us.   

Many of the houses were closed in the evening, so if this is your only planned visit to Greenfield Village this year, you will want to come before 5pm to experience more of the activities. Still, we enjoyed the more relaxed, less crowded atmosphere. The trains, Model-T's and carousel were all running, and many families seemed to be enjoying those experiences. 

The Dodworth Saxhorn Band, a 19th century brass band playing on period instruments plays at a variety of places and are well worth checking out.  Their version of Grafulla's Favorite Waltz is available on iTunes®.