Things to Do Independance Day Weekend 2016

The weather in Michigan is looking glorious for outdoor family fun this long Independance Day Weekend- with temperatures in the low 80's and no rain expected.  This may put a hold on many fireworks displays due to the very dry conditions, but families who choose to get out and about will find plenty to do. 

Perhaps you will be camping in the Alcona County Campground or visiting friends in Glennie, located in the Huron National Forest. If so, you might consider taking a break from kayaking on the Au Sable and head to town for the parade and festival. The parade features local groups and stores in a classic small-town 4th of July Parade. In years past we have enjoyed goats pulling small children in wagons as well as a variety of tractors and bands, and the occasional semi sneaking in a bit early to continue its run down M-65. 

Visitors near South Haven will definitely have plenty to do-an art fair, parade, fireworks plus the many hiking, boating, fishing, shopping and eating experiences that are typically available.  Many years ago while camping at Van Buren State Park, on 4th of July weekend, we fell in love with this charming town. It was a chilly weekend,  and our teeth chattered as we dipped into Lake Michigan and capped our adventure off with a delicious ice cream cone in town. In the evening, we were excited to be able to see the fireworks display near the waterfront. The pleasant, well-mannered crowds and the majesty of the fireworks display over the water, with boats moored off shore made for a picturesque experience that I cherish to this day. 

In the Metro Detroit area, as well as throughout the state, most towns will have a parade and you should check out their websites for more information.

Plus, Greenfield Village is hosting its annual concert series, Salute to America with the DSO, June 30-July 3.  Ticket prices are about $25. We used to enjoy watching the fireworks over the treetops from our back window while humming a few bars of the 1812 overture. We have often wondered why the 1812 Overture is so frequently linked to 4th of July celebrations, but that is probably the topic for another post. 

I find that we enjoy our travel experience greatly when we step away from the tourist scene for a bit and see towns and villages celebrating their unique local cultures. Every parade has its own basic format-floats, politicians, bands, but each works with these elements in ways that express their own culture in a colorful way. 

Whatever you do, enjoy, be safe and appreciate the courage of our countrymen in 1776!