Travel Dreams

As the stillness of Winter gives way to not quite Spring, it is a good time to dream.

The snow in the Lower Peninsula has mostly melted. The ice on the lakes thinning, cracking. But the hiking trails are a mushy mess and the stiff wind makes hiking unpleasant for much more than a half hour at a time for most families with younger children.

While of course there is an abundance of wonderful cultural events and happenings to occupy your family, but most of us are yearning for the later Spring and Summer when we can bask in the warm air and put away the hats and mittens.

So, where is your family going this summer?

Have you booked your campsite at Ludington State Park?

Have you gotten tickets for any minor league baseball or the Tigers?

Have you circled Labor Day on your calendar and made plans to finally walk the bridge?

I hope you include your children in the planning process and give them some choices in either destination or activities.

I hope you enjoy making memories by traveling in Michigan.

When we travel together, we grow together.

Happy travels!