Eastern Market Tuesdays

Eastern Market has been a hub of Detroit cultural life for well over a hundred years and it shows no signs of slowing down. 

The Saturday Market is the market day that most people are familiar with and it remains the foundation for Eastern Market's popularity, with residents throughout metro-Detroit, travelers, farmers and vendors interact in a positive, family friendly environment.

Several years ago, the Eastern Market has added Tuesday's and Sundays as market days through the summer months. 

We recently had the opportunity to visit the market on a Tuesday and it was a delight. Although smaller in scale than the Saturday Market, the Tuesday Market allowed more time to meander, linger and chat with the vendors. No need to jostle through the crowds, we were able to really take our time and enjoy. 

A mid-day yoga session was happening right near the Shinola clock, near the mushroom and salsa vendor. Folks dressed in suits taking a lunch break ambled through the shed along with tourists, families, and other folks lucky enough to have a flexible work schedule or the day off. 

It was one of those perfect moments when folks of all backgrounds were enjoying the great cultural opportunities in Detroit and enjoying the healthy food options that Eastern Market has to offer.  It might be especially good to check out a Tuesday Market or Sunday Market if you have younger children or those with special needs as the crowds are a bit lighter and it might be more manageable. 

We especially enjoyed the Rhubarb Cobbler!

If you have a chance, get on over to the Tuesday Market at Eastern Market and enjoy some of the best that Detroit has to offer.