Plymouth Coffee Bean

Plymouth Coffee Bean

Plymouth Coffee Bean

Walking into the Coffee Bean in Plymouth is like walking into your artistic  friend's house-comfortable, familiar, yet always surprising. For nearly twenty-five years the Coffee Bean has been fostering and nurturing community in the western suburbs through their delicious coffee drinks, their poetry readings, and live music. 

Welcome to the Plymouth Coffee Bean!

Welcome to the Plymouth Coffee Bean!

Set in an old white brick house on Penniman Street in downtown Plymouth, the Coffee Bean is in the great tradition of the European coffee house-where the coffee serves an important social function-to bring people from all walks of life together. 

Entering off Penniman, you ascend a few steps and enter the main lobby. Depending on the time of day, this may be packed and the line reaching out the door, for people waiting for the organic coffee, cappuccino, or tasty pastries. Standing on the lovingly worn, hard wood floor, you will have plenty to occupy your time as you wait. Grab a free periodical from the stand near the entrance, listen to the eclectic music selection humming on the sound system, scan the menu board for your coffee drink, and chat with someone.

On any given moment, you will see teenagers grouped together laughing, talking about school, mothers with their children waiting for a delicious frozen banana chai,  business people waiting for their next client, and writers, visual artists, programmers, waiting as well.

Once you reach the small counter, grab your beverage and head to your left and enter the parlor adorned with vintage furniture and striking art on the walls. This is where their readings and live music events take place. If there is no room in here today, proceed to the next room where there is a larger space, perfectly set up for comfortable conversation or individual creative endeavors.

In recent years, the Plymouth Coffee Bean has been making crepes, a perfect compliment to their light food menu. 

In warmer months, the patio is a wonderful place to sit and relax and savor a delicious cup of coffee, an Egg, Swiss, and Onion Crepe and work on your latest sonnet,  the business plan for your next start-up, or to talk with your family about life, planning your next travel adventure. 

Plymouth Coffee Bean is the longest running independent coffee shop in Michigan, has won numerous awards, and is worth a visit for anyone interested in the quintessential eclectic, independent coffee shop experience. 

Enjoy and travel local!

Family Questions for Discussion

1. How did the Plymouth Coffee Bean get its start?

2. What is the secret to making a good crepe?

3. What country is famous for its crepes?

4. Which of the paintings do you enjoy the most?

5. What spices are in a chai?

6. Which seating area at Plymouth Coffee Bean gives you the most inspiration?

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