White Lake Community Library- Whitehall Michigan

Read Inspired at the White Lake Community Library!

Read Inspired at the White Lake Community Library!

To enter a library is to enter a sanctuary of civilization, a haven for the intellect, and a soothing balm for the soul.  Nowhere is this more evident than the White Lake Community Library is the town of Whitehall, tucked near Lake Michigan and Muskegon.

The library, a compact building, modern in amenities, yet classic in its architecture is a welcome destination for citizens of the Whitehall Community and Michigan Family Travelers, looking to escape the crowds of the beach, or on a rain-soaked day at Michigan Adventure, lose themselves in the joy of reading, whether for a few minutes, or an afternoon. 

This well-stocked library, featuring a respectable collection of new books, as well as classics for those of you needing to be pulled away from the incessant drum beat of pop-culture to be nurtured by a bit of Dickens. Relax on one of the comfortable easy chairs and read, while your partner minds the children in the children's area, investigating the latest Mo Willems, or participating in a children's activity.

Some recent children and family activities included a magician, as well as a family game night. What a wonderful way to meet other like-minded families than stopping by for a pleasant evening of games, after a satisfying hike. Much nicer than crashing in front of the television at the hotel, wouldn't you agree?

Their webpage has a nice set of resources for parents looking for recommendations for excellent reading material for their children to read at the library or to download to your favorite device. 

We had the opportunity to spend an afternoon at the library one summer day when we were travelingto Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. We had time before the crowds thinned at the beach and the sun sunk low enough to be comfortable for us, so we hung out at the library. 

It is bright and has many windows to let in the lovely afternoon west Michigan sun, and had many comfortable chairs, cozy nooks and an array of reading material that kept all of us satisfied. 

Their motto is, " White Lake Community Library is a source for information, entertainment and enrichment." I believe our family would agree wholeheartedly and we are looking forward to stopping back again this summer. 

Family Questions for Discussion


  1. What are your favorite books to read while traveling? 
  2. What is your opinion about reading on devices?
  3. What is your favorite book at the White Lake Community Library?
  4. Does your family make an effort to explore the local community while you travel?
  5. How is a library a great resource for family travelers?
  6. How have libraries enriched your family?
  7. What activities at the White Lake Community Library would your family most enjoy?

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