Michigan Summer 2016 Video

It was a fine summer. 

The record heat and humidity made this summer a bit slower than many to be sure. More time to sit in the shade and stare at the bees darting into the flowers or the ants marching along the patio with singular determination. More time to go to museums and indoor cultural events. 

In some ways it did make those times when we ventured forth from the shade of the maple tree in our yard, or from the air conditioned cocoon, even more enjoyable. 

As the kids age and mature, the time spent together exploring together becomes even more special. Even though my impulse is to clutch each moment and never let it to, to guard each moment fiercely and tuck it away into my private archives, I know that is impossible and ultimately futile. 

So, as the edges of the maple tree leaves by the patio begin to glow a soft red and the evening shadows lengthen and the air cools the bones, we offer this brief celebration of our Michigan Summer of 2016 and extend our hopes that yours was filled with time to savor family, friends and new adventures.