The Red Dot Coffee Company in Northville

A pleasant morning strolling through the town of Northville ought to include a stop at the independent The Red Dot Coffee Company. 

Families traveling with older children will enjoy strolling through the neighborhoods just off Main to enjoy the lovely Victorian style homes and tree-lined streets. A few of the homes might have age plates on their structures and inspire a conversation about the details that make these homes so intriguing. Fall of course, is an especially desirable time to marvel at the brilliant leafs, the sunlight reflecting the blazing oranges and yellows- you can almost feel the inevitable tension of a long car travel slipping away as you stretch your legs, glad to be out of the hotel room for a bit and enjoying the fresh air. 

About 1/2 mile north along Center St. is a pleasant oasis sure to take the chill away, The Red Dot Coffee Company. This coffee shop in a converted home would be  a delight for a parent seeking a perfectly prepared pour-over, or an older youth/teen seeking a chai tea latte or a gourmet hot chocolate. 

It has a bright, open feel inside, with hardwood floors and bright lights and walls. Like many coffee shops it is a bit noisy when full, so reading a book which requires more concentration may not be easy, but for sure a breezy book one reads while travelling, or a chance to pull out the tablet and let your child catch up on their gaming for a few moments while  you savor a delicious cup of coffee might do just the trick to rejuvenate you. 

I am not a coffee gourmand, so the pour-over phenomena is a bit new to me, but having had a half dozen cups or so at various locations, I do appreciate the delicacy and freshness of the pour-over. Plus, it is just a slower, more meditative experience. 

Perhaps too, your family finds conversation over a warm beverage fully satisfying on its own. I know I am sometimes pleasantly surprised at the insights and details of life-experiences that we share while we savor an attentively created, unique artisanal experience.  While we have enjoyed many cups of coffee and cocoa at home and on our travels, I have never had my coffee served on a slate tray or had cocoa with so creatively crafted, making this a truly engaging travel experience.

Hot Cocoa, Creatively Crafted

Hot Cocoa, Creatively Crafted

Family Questions for Discussion

1. What are some of the differences in home styles you noticed while walking?

2. What are some of the architectural details you noticed?

3. How are the home styles different than your neighborhood?

4. What is the process for making your coffee or cocoa beverage? From bean to brew, discuss how it is created.

5. What is the science behind the coffee? Why is the proper temperature essential?

6. What did Ben Franklin say about hot chocolate?