Michigan Family Events November 2016

The weather has been great in Michigan over the past few weeks, even though the evening chill and long nights have descended upon us. There is an abundance of activities that will be sure to please families of all ages. 

So, in no particular order:

1. SUPERMOON! This full moon is expected to be big and bright-hopefully the weather on the 13th will be clear for you to head outside to your favorite park to enjoy the "brightest moon since 1948" according to space.com  Whether you start the day by volunteering at Yankee Springs Recreation Area at the Stewardship Volunteer Workday, or tour the Wolf Lake Hatchery for a Hatchery Tour- be sure to get out at night and marvel at this natural wonder!

2. Check out a film at the Redford Theatre Coming up still in November are several two great weekends of family cinema. On November 18th and 19th is the 1965 classic, The Sound of Music.  While I do not need to inform you of the pleasures of sharing this film that still inspires such hope and joy-seeing it at the Redford will only add to the experience. Depending on the age of your children you may want to check out the original German language version on youtube. We watched it a bit earlier this year and found it only added to our appreciation of this amazing story. 

On November 26, check out the Classic Cartoon Festival! Add some levity to your weekend and laugh along with cartoons heroes such as Popeye, Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry, curated by Ann Arbor's Steve Stanchfield. 

3. Plan your #Optoutside event for November 25th. This campaign started by REI CO-OP encourages folks to get outside and spend time in nature. After all the family feasting, football and parade experience of Thanksgiving, the perfect antidote is getting outside and enjoying your favorite outdoor experience. Whether it is strolling along the Au Sable River, walking along the Detroit River on the paved trail and maybe trying the Dequindre Cut-Through this year, or checking out a new State Park, or the North Country Trail, or..... As we all know, Michigan is a bounty of natural beauty and sharing it with your children is a gift that to cherish. 

Happy November and remember-Travel Local!